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Such a big move surprised the whole business community. For a time, no one dared to take any action. There were all kinds of rumors about Lu Feng.
Whether those rumors are true or false, everyone understands that from today on, Lu Feng is the absolute overlord in the local business community.
Jiafeng electronics is like a big Mac entrenched in this city, which can not be shaken by a company or individual.
Although Lu Feng did not join the local chamber of Commerce and seldom attended some entrepreneur gatherings, everyone knows that he is the uncrowned king. Since this incident, whether there is Huang Youwei behind him or not, it is absolutely respectful for everyone to see Lu Feng again.
When Yang Yan heard the news, he sat in his seat and only said: my God.
He knows that this business struggle is particularly deeply involved. He has been not optimistic about Lu Feng before, because he has been in state-owned enterprises all year round and knows quite well about the twists and turns inside. Huang Youwei can't offend Di Mingde for Lu Feng.
Yang Yan could think that Lu Feng's greatest face was that Huang Youwei pushed forward this matter, but he didn't dare to dream. The two companies fought, and a mayor and branch director were jailed.
The ants fighting in his eyes turned into immortals fighting for hegemony, but knocked down the big man he looked up to. How can he not be shocked.
"Mr. Yang and Mr. Lu told you to go." A vice president standing in front of the table reminded again.
"Oh! Oh, oh! " Yang Yan reacted and quickly stood up and walked outside the door.
In Lu Feng's office, Yang Yan knocked on the door, pushed the door and entered: "Mr. Lu, are you looking for me?" m.
Lu Feng looked at him up and down. He didn't see him for a few days. He seemed to have changed. Before, his impatience and dissatisfaction dissipated a lot. Standing in front of him, he looked more cautious and serious.
"Sit down!" Lu Feng leaned back in his chair and asked, "have you heard how psoriasis patients relieve itching pain? Something happened to some people. Isn't psoriasis contagious? "
"I heard some news." Yang Yan stared at Lu Feng and asked, "I heard you called the province and directly sent an investigation team down?"
Lu Feng always knew that Yang Yan had been a state-owned enterprise for a long time. He thought that private enterprises had no background. He always felt that the free market was unreliable and had to rely on the country.
In short, he was not confident. He took advantage of the rumor and gave him a reassurance.
Lu Feng breathed a sigh of relief, looked at him and smiled disapprovingly. He said, "don't go out and spread this nonsense. Not many people know about it. You don't really think I started from Huang Youwei, who is not related to relatives and without reasons? I told you from the beginning, feel at ease to be your own, and leave the rest to me, me! There's someone up there! "
Lu Feng said, winking and pointing to the roof.
"Who?" Yang Yan wants to get to the bottom.
"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. The logistics is accelerating. Is it possible to add erythema during this period? It's psoriasis. At the same time, it should be sorted out as soon as possible in personnel recruitment, signing contracts with logistics companies and taking over logistics lists." Lu Feng ordered with a serious face: "today I signed a contract with Hao Zhiping, you know?"
"Hao Zhiping? He didn't go in? " Yang Yan was surprised.
"We can't shovel the industry directly. We have to leave a single seedling. Go and do it quickly. The rest will be left to you. I'll see the normal operation of logistics in a month." Lu Feng waved his hand to him and said, "go, go."
Psoriasis symptoms after a month?
Yang Yangen didn't plan to do it in a month. He looked at Lu Feng and said, "President Lu, didn't you say I would go to work in that company for a while?"
Lu Feng looked up at him. He was also stiff and muttered in his heart that the old boy still wanted to run out. It seems that the opportunity to go abroad is too attractive to him.
"Oh, by the way, it's like this. There was originally a round of interview. The interviewer had an accident and pushed back. It will take a month." Lu Feng said to him.
Yang Yan feels that things are not quite right and always pushes and blocks. It has been almost a month. He doesn't even know where the company is.
"What happened?"
"It's strange. He... Went to the hospital to cut hemorrhoids. When the doctor checked with his fingers, he opened the door of how to treat psoriasis in the new world as soon as possible. At present, he is divorced from his wife and wants to be with the doctor. That's all." Lu Feng said rather perfunctorily.
Yang Yan heard a full perfunctory in his words, but he was curious: "is there a door to a new world on his ass?"
"Well... Don't try easily. You're busy." Lu Feng waved to him and motioned him to go out.
Yang Yan muttered and went out. He already felt that 80% of the possibility of going abroad was yellow.
After the two brothers Hao Zhihai went in, the bosses of some small companies in the logistics industry set off firecrackers to celebrate. At the same time, Jinfeng logistics opened the sweeping mode. Within a few hours, 28 companies were signed. There were a total of 56 points under the platform, up to 100, and there was a surplus of 170 freight vehicles, accounting for 60% of the city.
As long as Jinfeng logistics is entrusted to transport the goods, the first order will be reduced by half, and long-term contracts will be signed with major enterprises. The price is half cheaper than that of Hao Zhihai. Even so, there are still some profits.
Everything was going on in the wind and fire, but Lu Feng was restless all day. He kept muttering. Where did Jiang Xiaoyan and Zhang Fengxia go?
Because he had to pick up Duoduo from school, at five o'clock in the evening, Duolu Feng handed over his work to several vice presidents, drove to the school gate, and Duoduo rushed out in his school uniform with a red scarf tied around his neck. Seeing that it was Lu Feng who came to pick up, he smiled on his face.
"What's good to eat at night?" Duoduo ran over and asked.
"I don't know. We'll eat whatever Aunt Liu makes for us."
"Where's mom?" Hearing that his mother hadn't come back, Duoduo was a little unhappy on his little face and asked, "where's my mother?"
"Aunt Zhang led you out to play. I don't know where I've gone. Go home first." Lu Feng took her hand and got into the car.
"Dad, your wife has run away. You're not in a hurry." Duoduo sat on the co pilot and said, "go find it. I miss her."
"Your Aunt Zhang can turn your mother away. She has been at home all these years. It's good to go out for a walk." Lu Feng fastened his seat belt and said, "you don't dislike her for being cruel to you. You beat you when you do your homework."
"But... But I miss her!" Duoduo choked and wiped his tears with his sleeve.
"Ouch, leave your tears in front of your mother and cry. She must be moved to death. Don't cry and come back in two days." Speaking, Lu Feng drove the motor car home.
Lu Feng never thought much. It's like some people always think that someone will never leave themselves in their life. The other party just disappears for a short time. Maybe it will appear again in the next moment. It's like talking like before, and even annoying.
At dinner time, Aunt Liu cooked a meal. Four people sat around the table. Lu Feng always felt almost nothing when he picked up the dishes and chopsticks. This meal was uncomfortable.
"It's hot. I won't eat it first." Lu Feng stood up and asked Aunt Liu, "did you call today?"
"No!" Aunt Liu replied.
"Zhou ya, do you hear me?"
"No, my mother and I have been sitting in the living room without a phone!" Zhou Ya said confidently.
"Pay more attention to the phone!"
Lu Feng said something and went to the gate. Uncle Hong gathered together and chattered. He had a few words with Lu Feng. He didn't want to say anything more.
His eyes frequently looked at the entrance of the lane. He was speechless and impetuous. He turned his head and went home to rummage through the boxes and cabinets.
"President Lu, what are you looking for?" Zhou Ya asked.
"There's no smoke at home?"
"How long have you stopped smoking? Let me buy it for you."
"I'll go myself. It's just a good time to slip my legs. Don't watch cartoons. Do your homework." Lu Feng gave an order and walked towards the canteen at the entrance of the alley with his slippers.
Bought a pack of cigarettes, squatted at the door of the canteen and lit one especially spicy. Lu Feng frowned and stopped smoking more. He looked around from time to time.
He didn't know what he was looking for. He just wanted to see the figure. As long as she was there, everything was OK. Even he was a little upset and quarreled. It seemed that it was much more reassuring than now.
There were many people playing cards at the door of the canteen, shouting one after another, and Lu Feng unconsciously walked some way forward.
"Zhang Fengxia really has such a job. She doesn't have a phone."
Lu Feng forked his hands and took a smoke. He muttered, "it's really inconvenient to have no phone or wechat. If you have a mobile phone, you can at least see her steps."
The sky is completely dark, and a night wind blows, giving people a layer of goose bumps. It has entered September, the midsummer is about to go away, and another autumn is after the national day.
Lu Feng walked towards the door. Xiuer was waiting at the door, holding a basket of eggs in her hand and said, "President Lu, I'll send you some rural eggs, which are all from the local chickens in the village."
"Thank you!"
"You're welcome. We are all neighbors in the neighborhood. By the way, our family signed a contract with your Jinfeng logistics today. People didn't like those who wanted to cooperate with Yongchang logistics before. They will be your subordinates in the future. Take care of them more!" Xiuerke airway.
"Just act according to the contract. I won't directly manage Jinfeng logistics. Go back and have a rest early." Lu Feng sighed and said, "where have you been?"
"Are you looking for Xiaoyan?" Xiuer wondered, "didn't you go to the hospital? You don't know? "
"What???" Lu Feng shouted and asked, "when did you go to the hospital and what happened?"
Seeing that Lu Feng didn't know, Xiuer quickly stopped her voice. When she heard the noise in the yard that day, she opened the curtains and stood on the second floor. She just saw that everyone was carrying Jiang Xiaoyan to the hospital.
"It's all right. I'm talking nonsense. I'll go back first." Xiuer is trying to leave.
"You wait!" Lu Feng shouted to her, "what's going to the hospital? When did you go? "
"I just looked at it that day. Everyone carried it on the bus with all hands and feet. I really don't know the others. I went back!" Xiuer said how to treat early psoriasis scientifically and walked home quickly.

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