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Back in the room, Lu Feng sat on the sofa and thought about his plan carefully. He wanted to get financing in the short term, and there were unknown opponents secretly. It seems that he can only do so.
A few hours later, Li Fang called the finance department to apply for money. At the same time, she rented a luxury villa at the foot of the mountain in Tsim Sha Tsui and contacted the security company. Then the lace reporter of the newspaper arrived, and the gossip models were on their way.
With such a large amount of expenditure, the finance department doesn't dare to advocate without authorization. The procedures that should go should go. When the general manager of the finance department takes a batch of psoriasis, can it be cured? Tell me if the thank you note can be found. Zhang Fengxia is stupid after reading the note.
Asked about the phone number of Lu Feng's room and called.
"Hello, who?" Lu Feng answered the phone and asked.
"It's me, Zhang Fengxia. Are you crazy to go there?" Zhang Fengxia asked, "I heard them say that you bought a suit of earthy clothes and a pile of gold this afternoon. Now you want to rent a villa, hire bodyguards and find a pile of models?"
"Yes, yes, I did it!"
"Are you still so righteous? You go there to solve the financing problem, not to be natural and unrestrained. Besides, the big gold chain and gold ring are too earthy? Still looking for models? Sister Xiaoyan knows what you're doing? "
Zhang Fengxia became more angry and excited.
"You don't know that the company has no money now. Why is it so suddenly? Are you looking for those models as good as us? "
"You're like a machine gun. Can I say something?" Lu Feng listened to the angry voice on the phone and was speechless.
"You say, you can't say one, two or three. I'll go to you with sister Xiaoyan tomorrow, and I'll pull your head off at that time!" Zhang Fengxia is overbearing.
"You don't know who I am. Financing is what financing is. It's just fooling others to pay. I'm self packaging now..."
Lu Feng explained to her for more than half an hour for fear that she would poke things to Jiang Xiaoyan. She was small-minded and knew that she had a hard time here. It was estimated that she would be unable to sleep all night.
The door of the room was knocked. Lu Feng said a word and came in. Li Fang came in. She looked at Lu Feng with complicated eyes. When she picked up the plane in the morning, she was obviously very excited.
In the interior of Jiafeng electronics, Lu Feng is the idol of many people and a legendary figure, but now she feels that there is a big gap between this idol and the person she imagined.
"Mr. Lu, everything is ready."
"Are you all here? Magazines, newspapers, those people are here? " Lu Feng put on his gold ring and watch.
"Newspaper reporters and models have arrived. Recently, the hot model Nini has come, and there are seven or eight ordinary models." Li Fang replied.
Lu Feng nodded with satisfaction, stood up, put on his local tyrant's gold coat and said, "go and see!"
Nini has really been in the limelight recently. She has often been with the local Playboy Tang Zhongren. She has been photographed by many paparazzi. In addition, she shows her figure. She forgets to pull the curtains, swimming pool parties, pregnancy, junior high, and so on.
Lu Feng arrived at the reception hall, which was already full of more than 20 people. In addition to the reporter, there were also seven or eight girls sitting on the sofa. Their makeup was very flirtatious and dressed very well. What should children pay attention to after suffering from vitiligo? Explicit, they almost wrote the word "fox spirit" on their face.
"This is our boss, Mr. Lu!" Li Fang said in a low voice. She felt ashamed herself.
Lu Feng was generous. He looked at one of the girls for a few seconds and nodded. He seemed very satisfied with the white flower.
Sitting on the sofa with two legs crossed, put your hand on the armrest of the sofa. How to do psoriasis care in summer, three big gold rings and a gold watch, bright and some rumors.
"Hello, everyone. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm from the mainland. My surname is Lu. I'm the chairman of Jiafeng electronics. Of course, I also have a lot of assets under my name. I'm tired of playing in the mainland, so I want to come and have a look. I tell you that in the mainland, our family is the richest man, and our assets are not much, more than 10 billion!" Lu Feng said slowly, his tone full of showing off.
"President Lu, can we start the interview? You can say that later. " A male reporter said.
"When I tell you this, I don't mean to look down on you. I just want to show off a good prescription for psoriasis treatment. I want you to come for one purpose. Tell the rich people in quanxiangjiang that I'm coming and compete with them." Lu Feng pointed at the girls sitting there and said, "what are you doing? Come here! "
The two girls ran over with a happy face, sat on the armrest and hugged Lu Feng's shoulder.
"Which is Nini?" Lu Feng asked.
"President Lu, I'm Nini!" The big chest came over.
Lu Feng looked at her with a smile, reached out and took out a lot of money from his pocket and stuffed it directly into his chest.
"What are you doing?" Nini was surprised.
"Sorry, I'm used to it. This is the way I give money to women. I put all the sports car keys and bank cards with millions of deposits in it!" Lu Feng took off a gold ring and threw it in. The other party immediately became friendly and sat on Lu Feng's lap.
"You, take some photos for me. You can write the content. Later, come back to the villa with me. It's too small to stretch." Lu Feng patted Nini, stood up, waved to the other girls and said, "go!"
The girls cheered and followed up and went downstairs. The waiting bodyguards surrounded Lu Feng and others. They were all black sunglasses in suits. They didn't know if they were unprofessional. Anyway, it was enough to pretend.
Several reporters in front snapped and patted. Lu Feng's current state has a feeling that earth to the extreme is tide.
The guests in the lobby saw such a formation and talked about it one after another. Many people stared at him in such a state, with a look of contempt.
"Is this man too rustic?"
"Come from the mainland, like a nouveau riche."
"I haven't seen money before. I tell you, the real rich are very simple."
"Yes, this kind of nonsense, there is absolutely no money."
These words naturally got into Lu Feng's ears. He was not angry. He took out a piece of gum from his pocket and stuffed it into his mouth. He took out a stack of money, enough to be 10000, and threw it to one of the women.
"Reward you!"
The woman looked at the stack of money in her hand and stayed on the spot. She reacted and wanted to say thank you. She felt that she had no face. The excitement on her face was beyond expression. Several people next to her looked at the money in her hand and were full of jealousy.
"Hum, how much money can you have to beg for food?"
"Yes, it's just the taste of clothes. It's disgusting."
"It's really ugly. He just gave me hundreds of thousands. I can't see it."
The girl who got the money stared at Lu Feng and walked out of the door. She said sincerely, "don't look at the earth he dressed up. The one who just threw the money is really handsome. The trend is a circle. When he reached a certain extreme, I suddenly felt that he has an unspeakable elegance!"
Maybe this is the ultimate earth is the tide!
Five cars downstairs have opened the door. Lu Feng gets on the car. Nini sits next to him. Li Fang arranges everyone to get on the back of a business car. The team flies towards the villa area.
Li Fang was in a bad mood all the way. Originally, she thought she had failed this time, and the company was sure to fire herself. Later, when she learned that President Lu was coming, she wanted to show herself.
Coupled with direct contact with President Lu, she still wants to be the second Wei Yandan. However, what happened today makes her very disappointed and even doubt whether she has a future in such a company founded by the president.
Shizishan villa area is a western style villa area. Those who can buy villas here are definitely not ordinary people. It is not only a matter of money, but also a matter of background.
Many people have money and can only rent.
The motorcade stopped at the door of villa 266. The door opened. Lu Feng got out of the car and looked at the bright lights in the villa. Tropical trees and a three-story villa could be seen in the courtyard. There was everything in it. The water in the open-air swimming pool was hot and sparkling.
When the door opened, Lu Feng put his hand around Nini's waist and walked forward. He hugged the right cluster in front of and behind him. It was very pomp. The reporters behind him naturally took a shot. They were very experienced in grasping these things.
After entering the villa, Lu Feng shouted to everyone, "change your swimsuit and have a party!"
In the cheers, the backyard has prepared champagne and meals, swimming pool, beauty, alcohol and frolic.
Li Fang didn't change clothes, only the law of the regression of psoriasis lesions? After a casual meal, he stood there and watched Lu Feng chasing Nini in a big underpants all over the yard. The laughter was so dissolute.
She couldn't understand how such a person was shaped into a self-made young talent, and president Zhang was so beautiful and talented that he admired him?
Or is this how to treat the real upper class psoriasis? Society, to the following people, is always a layer of confused skin.
Lu Feng was very happy and drank a lot of wine. The reporters on the scene also took a lot of photos. Until more than 11 p.m., these reporters took the money and left.
Several girls drank Xiafei's cheeks, rubbed Lu Feng's arm, and said coquettishly, "Mr. Lu, have a rest early. People are sleepy."
"Sleepy?" Lu Feng changed his face and said coldly, "go to bed when you're sleepy."
The girl was shocked by his great change and was stunned on the spot.
"Mr. Lu, how do you..."
"I'm tired. I'll have an early rest." Lu Feng put on a bath towel and walked upstairs. When passing by Li Fang, he ordered: "you should rest early. You have to be busy tomorrow. Pay attention to the phone."
The scene suddenly cooled down. Nini, who was originally favored, didn't know what to do. Li Fang was also stunned on the spot. She originally thought that Lu Feng tonight was absolutely limited.
Not quite what she thought.
Li Fang reacted and quickly arranged rooms for several models first.

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